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Just as selecting the product only based on its packaging or the service by the stunning advertising slogans, it is not necessary nor recommended to choose an agency, a consultant or a freelancer in the field of promotion and advertising only by their superficial and cheap catchwords. Quality marketing and site optimization can greatly influence both the launch and the performance of each website. That is why we are all very cautious when choosing an ideal partner in this sphere. I also have to carefully choose whom to cooperate with, whom to guarantee and whom I can bet my life on.

You can stay assured that what I require from my partners is exactly of the same quality that I guarantee to my clients.

Expertise and Experience | Common Sense | Communicativeness and Flexibility | Affordability | Reliability

If you expect the same thing from your partner in online marketing, and suppose we add 16 years of experience, very good references and hundreds of successful realizations to that, then we are very close to crossing our paths very soon.

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As time went on…

The childhood I spent in Brazil, and I seemed to be destined for surfing and beach football, but none of the sports grew on me. Instead of the rippling nets of the opponents’ goals, I started to cast my net wider and what I caught this time was an interest in computers like Atari, Commodore 64, the first 386, etc. In addition to playing computer games, later already in the Czech Republic, in 1995, my friends and I wrote reviews for a forerunner of all computer game magazines – Excalibur magazine.

After studying, in 2000 I started my first job as a ‘computer guru’. Two years later, there was a major breakthrough, although. With my dad, firstly we built e-shops from the scratch and then secondly ran and administered it, by which we brought them to turnover in the order of tens of millions of Czech crowns. No money, however, could be invested in vain, so just at that time, in that fire test, I learned the most about marketing and SEO.

I had to learn how to work with limited budgets and make the most of it – it was the best lesson learnt, because no money was to be wasted. That is why I like to help brand-new websites and start-ups, where I know how important it is to invest every ‘penny’ with the greatest possible efficiency.

In 2011, I was already a knowledgeable and seasoned analyst and joined the e-commerce department of the multinational company Ringier Axel Springer (today CNC, the publisher of Blesk.cz and iSport.cz).

January 2014 marked my total independence. Since then, I have been working for my own company MirKop.

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