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Your PPC specialist

For adverts Sklik, Adwords, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…
the possibility to base most of my fees on results.

  • Building new, powerful and comprehensive campaigns for both the web and the e-shop within 5 days of the assignment.

  • Creating either a brand new PPC adverts or reviewing and optimizing your existing ones that either do not perform or lose conversion ability.

  • Be seen on Seznam.cz, Google, Zbozi.cz, Heureka.cz, Google Shopping, or social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

  • Setting up remarketing, Google Shopping, XML feeds for shopping engines, conversion metrics tracking – all fast and professionally.


  Ph. 728 444 454

Why entrust me with your PPC advertising?

  • The most of my fees can be based on results of my work
  • 16 years of experience in SEO and online marketing

  • 100% transparency, flexibility and communicativeness

  • Real references from small and large companies

How are cooperation and payment for my services?

You pay by results

My fee is based on set or achieved goals or a profit the promotion has generated under my administration.

Monthly fee

We mutually agree on a monthly fee and costs, for which I administer and optimize your campaigns.

Individual solution

Combination of all above or other options – based on results, monthly fee, payment for specific tasks or by hourly rate.

What will the PPC advertisement administration bring to you?

My chief objective is not the maximum of clicks and impressions, but instead, the maximum relevance and benefit – and that is where my fees are based on. The more efficient and effective the PPC adverts are, the more both the client and I gain. I try to get the most out of every spent money, whether it is an order, a filled inquiry form, visiting of a specific page, or promotion of a brand or a product.

What were the results of my latest PPC campaign?

Increase of revenue
Increase of visitors
More of recurring purchases


Sklik, Firmy.cz…


Adwords, YouTube…


Facebook, Instagram…


Heureka.cz, Zbozi.cz…

I will kick-start your successful promotion in these PPC systems:

Sklik is a PPC system from Seznam.cz. Using Sklik and its Pay Per Click ads, we can reach audiences through the search and content network of Seznam, through retargeting, dynamic and product ads (by linking to Zbozi.cz).

  • Creating a new Sklik campaign and/or review of the existing one.
  • Interconnecting Sklik to Zbozi.cz, set retargeting, conversion events and linking to Firmy.cz and other Seznam.cz services

Adwords is Google flagship PPC advertising. Within an Adwords account, we can use ads on YouTube, in Google Shopping, in Google search and content network, dynamic and classic remarketing, dynamic banner ads, and a plethora of other ways how to reach your customers and clients.

  • Creating new campaigns and/or reviewing and optimizing existing ones.
  • Interconnecting Adwords to YouTube, Google Shopping, Google Analytics including settings for remarketing and conversion scripts.

Shopping engines such as Zbozi.cz, Heureka.cz or HledejCeny.cz must be regularly monitored to modify bidding, XML feed, to track product matching, for potential data export outages, etc. I will help maximize your profits and minimize errors and deficiencies in XML feeds.

  • Account creation, XML feed linking and optimization, setting of bidding and evaluation, etc.
  • Heureka.cz, Zbozi.cz, Heureka Product Ads, HledejCeny.cz, Srovname.cz, Google Shopping etc.

Creation of PPC advertising

Would you like new PPC campaigns or to review existing ones? Let us gain the most out of your promotion – see where your potential customers or clients are.

I want new campaigns

Are you at the starting line and you wish to run targeted online marketing to help sell your product or service? Do you want to be seen, propel your brand into the minds of consumers or start selling as fast as possible? Then I am here for you!

  • Creation of a complete marketing plan and strategy.

  • Creation of new advertising accounts and setting everything up you need.

  • Implementation of conversion and remarketing codes including links to Google Analytics and other tools.

You are not waiting for anything for too long with me. I am able to organize my work and complete procedures well. I guarantee speed and flexibility. New PPC campaigns are usually finished within 5 days of the assignment. Following your check and any potential corrections, the campaign can start immediately. My team and I are working on reviewing and optimizing ads on a daily basis, moving your project up in the shortest possible time.


I want to review my running campaigns

Your promotions and advertising are already running, but are you not satisfied with their performance, efficiency and overall benefit? In this case, I will review all settings, targeting, current strategy, analyze your users’ behavior and other data – and I will suggest a change for the better.

  • Just share your accounts with me (I will be happy to help).

  • Let me suggest changes that will help streamline and increase ad performance.

  • You save time, money and effort. Entrust yourselves to experienced experts and lean on the results

It often happens that a client sets (or lets an agency do that) marketing channels, but further administration and management lingers. Either it does not work at all, or the client does not have time for it, or they are not satisfied with the work of the agency. Do not wait for the miracles, time is money. The sooner you start doing something with your marketing, the faster you start to grow and stop pouring your money down the drain.


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