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of experience

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Rely on many years proven strategies in PPC ads and online marketing

Why put your PPC ads under my wings?


First month for free - try me

In the first month, I charge nothing for my campaign management and optimization services, so you can try the cooperation, evaluate the results...

Pay upon results or by monthly fee, it's up to you

If everything works according to your expectations and online ads bring inquiries and orders, we will agree on my reward - either in the form of a monthly fee or based on the results we achieve together

Maximum perfomance withing 5 days

Time is money - the competition never sleeps and every day can play an important role, so my goal is to get your ads to optimal performance in the shortest possible time

How can I help with your online marketing

Do you want new PPC campaigns or revision of existing ones? Let's get the most out of your promotion together - be visible where your potential customers are

You need built up the whole marketing first

You stay at starting line and we have to create the entire marketing strategy

PPC ADS revision and further maintenance

Online reklamy sice, ale neplní cíle, máte nízkou míru návratnosti a klesá jim výkon

I guide, teach, advise...

You need to better understand something, or just advice or a one-time check

We are at the beginning with PPC and other advertisment

I will help you find the most suitable marketing channels that make sense to deal with for your project and then build the entire promotion on them

Optimization of your current PPC ads

Let's together increase the conversion power of your campaigns, reduce PNO, improve ROI, set up better measurements, check all settings and just "kick it up" a bit

Consultation and advice

Do you need help, advice or to set something up and put it into operation once? Let's plan an online meeting together via Google Meet, ZOOM...

My experience in the marketing field

As a marketing specialist, I deal not only with classic PPC advertising on Google, Seznam, social networks and other platforms, but I can also create a complete marketing strategy for your project, ensure an audit of advertisements, competitors and comprehensively review and test your website and its functionality, speed, to reveal possible technical flaws... and thanks to these activities, take your project to the next level

Online marketing

PPC ads, banner ads, social networks or PR support - everything your online project needs

Digital strategy

Together we will find optimal marketing channels and a strategy that can work in the long term

Advertising audit

I will go over the complete marketing activities you are using and suggest improvements where it makes sense

Testing, analysis

How do you work with your customers, how do they behave on the web, and where do you make the biggest mistakes?

How campaigns are created and managed

Do you want new PPC campaigns or revision of existing ones? Let's get the most out of your promotion together - be visible where your potential customers are
Are you at the starting line and want to start targeted online marketing that will help sell your product or service? Do you want to be seen, get your brand into the subconscious or start selling as quickly as possible? Then I'm here for you!
I will create a complete marketing plan and strategy
I will create new advertising accounts and set up everything necessary
I will implement conversion and remarketing codes incl. connection with Google Analytics by other tools
I don't wait too long for anything. I can organize my work and complete procedures well. I guarantee speed and flexibility. New PPC campaigns are usually ready within 5 days of entry, after a subsequent check on your part and possible correction, they can start running immediately. My team and I edit and optimize ads on a daily basis, we will move your project up in the shortest possible time.
I want to start 
Your ads are running, but you're not satisfied with their performance, effectiveness and overall benefit? In this case, I will check all settings, targeting, current strategy, analyze the behavior of your users and other data - and suggest a change for the better
Just share me to your accounts (I'll be happy to help with everything)
I will suggest changes to help streamline and increase the performance of ads
You will save time, money and effort. Entrust yourself in experienced hands and we will rely on the results
It often happens that the client sets up (or has the agency set up) marketing channels, but the other administration is already faltering. Either the whole thing does not work, or the client does not have time for it or is not satisfied with the work of the agency. Don't wait for miracles, time is money. The sooner you start doing something about your marketing, the faster you will start growing and stop throwing money out the window.
I need PPC revision

Want to move your project forward?
Let's start your marketing together!

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