Complex web optimization

SEO, link building, copywriting… capitalize on Google or search engines

  • Creation of a functional strategy that will help your keywords propel to the front of the search results in a reasonable time.

  • Reviewing your link profile, removal of dead links and adding new relevant ones.

  • Helping to optimize content on the web – not only from the point of view of the search engines.

  • Setup of Google Analytics and other measurement tools.


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Why entrust me with the web optimization?

  • The most of my fees can be based on results of my work

  • 16 years of experience in SEO and online marketing

  • 100% transparency, flexibility and communicativeness

  • Real references / webs after my optimization gain for many years

How are cooperation and payment for my services?

You pay by results

My fee is based on set or achieved goals or a profit the promotion has generated under my administration.

Monthly fee

We mutually agree on a monthly fee and costs, for which I administer and optimize your campaigns.

Individual solution

Combination of all above or other options – based on results, monthly fee, payment for specific tasks or by hourly rate.

Why is a web optimization so important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an absolutely crucial activity to be dealt with by every website and e-shop. Having your site at the forefront of search results on or on Google is very important. The organic search is one of the pillars of visitor statistics and revenue generation. You cannot rely on advertising only – when you turn it off, you are not visible to anyone.

In my 16 years of experience, I have not come across a web that would have gone round the organic search. Whatever myths about it are, SEO was, is, and will always be very significant.

How did I do in SEO in my latest project?

Increase of visitors
Increase of revenue in organic search
Lower bounce rate


Building first-rate backlinks


Key words, captions, metadata


Website traffic, traffic sources, revenue calculation

Web optimization or SEO is associated with the following operations:

Link building is a vital activity within SEO. The goal is to create meaningful links on relevant websites, which are closely related to the activities you are dealing with and which you present on your site. It is not about quantity but quality. The links should be created reasonably and in places where the target customers or clients actually are.

  • Creating new links and managing the active ones, including a removal of dead or damaging links.
  • Links via quality catalogues, discussion fora, PR articles, cross linking, reviews, social networks, blogs, etc.

Analyzing and working with keywords is one of the primary tasks that should be dealt with by each website owner before a web is launched. These keywords represent your offer, products, and core information about the website content. And the content is king while the key words should be enthroned. We work with them on both the web and in the marketing sense. The more relevant and better the analysis we have, the selected keywords will benefit more.

  • Selecting only the keywords and long tails keywords that will really benefit your presentation (SEO and marketing wise).
  • Implementation of selected keywords into headings (H1, H2, H3 …), subheadings, lead paragraphs, links and metadata.

Copywriting is a marketing text designed to promote sales and to best describe the main benefits of the product or service you offer. A copywriter has to tackle not only the key words but all technical and sophisticated expressions and to bring together a readable and advanced text that will capture and present the most important aspects of your offer.

  • Copywriting for websites, e-shops, and marketing purposes.
  • Creation and design of advertising slogans, call-to-action elements, enhancement of current texts.

I work with top copywriters and proofreaders, offering the possibility of copywriting in Czech, English and German language.

Measurement is fundamental. Google Analytics is measurement. Who does not measure, track, and analyze audience behavior on the site and the impact of all activities on sales, traffic, and return of visitors will never be profitable. Google Analytics is the cornerstone for a comprehensive analysis of your website. With that tool, you get a complete overview of traffic and revenue sources, audience behavior and the impact of marketing on web development, etc.

  • Setting and review of all important aspects to transparently measure all site activity.
  • Interconnecting Google Analytics to all marketing tools, setting segmentation, filtering, channels, funneling, and more.

How to move up your web in search results?

Achieve better positions in Google and searches – let us concentrate only on keywords that will bring you the target clients or customers.

SEO of a new website

Do you have a new e-shop or website and you would you like to perform a keyword analysis and prepare the foundations for position growth in search results? You are just a step away from getting your site to be seen!

  • Keyword analysis – it’s not about quantity, but about quality. We will select together the keywords that will bring customers or clients to you.

  • Building a good and relevant referral profile – not only from the point of view of SEO, but also from the point of quality resources that will bring in the conversion.

  • Editing the text content, headings, metadata – everything that is read by both the search engine and the user.

SEO is a process that cannot be artificially accelerated, tricked or “snagged”. Copy-pasting of keywords or a large number of links on pseudo-servers are the past. Today, the less means more as long as we go by way of the quality. The web optimization is a challenging discipline, but the reward is a long-term benefit from search engines. And these, you cannot bribe…


SEO revision

Do you belong to a group of people or companies who either once did the optimization, but they have not recently had the time for that, and as a result, your position in the search engines is in free fall, or you optimized poorly, and now the search engine gets back at you? It is always time to make a change – let us perform a basic review and move your web forward in the organic search again.

  • Reviewing keywords, website content, metadata, headings, semantics.

  • Checking backlinks, removal of dead links, adding new, high-quality and relevant ones.

  • Comprehensive analysis of organic search and audience behavior from SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Whether SEO is in good or bad condition, there is always space to move it up in the search results. Competition never sleeps, and search queries are constantly evolving, changing and new ones are coming to existence. Be prepared for it in time!


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