Efficient promotion on offers several major routes to reach your potential customers or clients. I deal with the three most beneficial ones:

  • PPC Sklik – Pay Per Click advertising. Here you can choose ads in the search and content network, banner advertising, retargeting, product and dynamic campaigns.
  • – Selecting appropriate categories and keywords, editing or creating a business listing, and suggestion of daily budget for reaching top positions.
  • – this search engine is the base for every e-shop. I can help with creating and setting up XML feeds, creating and managing your business establishment and linking it to a Sklik account, etc.

How are cooperation and payment for my services?

You pay by results

My fee is based on set or achieved goals or a profit the promotion has generated under my administration.

Monthly fee

We mutually agree on a monthly fee and costs, for which I administer and optimize your campaigns.

Individual solution

Combination of all above or other options – based on results, monthly fee, payment for specific tasks or by hourly rate.

SKLIK – for webs and e-shops.

Sklik along with Google Adwords is the most popular tool for PPC advertising. The text, banner, and product ads are created, and they are displayed within 1-2 hours of implementation. You only pay when the visitor clicks on your ad. PPC is a shortcut to Pay Per Click (pay per click).

Under the Sklik advertising, I provide:

  • Creation of new campaigns or review of existing ones.
  • Setting up conversion and retargeting codes including checking for proper loading.
  • Interconnection with, and other services of
  • Linking to Google Analytics and other measurement tools.
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