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Website audit
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We will reveal all the errors and shortcomings that prevent the development of your website and its conversion ability
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Webová analytika od specialisty

Web Analytics - the real condition of your website

Thanks to a comprehensive web analysis, we will find out how your website or e-shop is really doing and what can possibly be improved in order to be more successful
Together, we will increase the website's conversion capacity, traffic and make its operation more efficient
You will get more orders, inquiries and you will invest much smarter not only in marketing
We will adjust the measurement, website settings and all analytical and marketing tools

A website audit takes a few days, but you'll benefit from it for years...

Today, many companies overlook important data or do not work with them correctly, and due to incorrect settings, they subsequently lose demands / orders
Are you investing inefficiently, or are your marketing and measurement tools not working properly?
Is your website stagnating and you have no idea why it happens?
Are you unfamiliar with the current data, or do you simply have "everything set up wrong?"
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Let's remove out all the errors and lacks on your website and get it back in shape

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