ADS on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube

Be visible on

Let's reach your target group of potential customers together on all social media
PPC advertising on social media

Facebook ADS

I will provide complex advertising on FB - starting with the creation of the strategy and the advertisement itself, setting up the FB pixel, page, catalog, custom audience...

Instagram ADS

Be visible on Instagram - using classic banner advertising as well as short advertising videos, stories, reels and more

Adverts on TIkTok

The young generation loves TikTok - do you want to reach this group? Do you have a product or service they might be interested in? Let's address them together!


Does your target audience watch certain videos? Do you want to reach them with your own advertisement? Banners or video spot? We have many options…

Why entrust your ADS on Facebook or
Instagram in my care?


Firs month for free - try me

In the first month, I charge nothing for my campaign management and optimization services, so you can try the cooperation, evaluate the results...

Pay by results or monthly fee - it's up to you

If everything works according to your expectations and online ads bring inquiries and orders, we will agree on my remuneration - either in the form of a flat rate or based on the results achieved

Campaigns at maximum performance within 5 days

Time is money - the competition never sleeps and every day can play an important role, so my goal is to get your ads to optimal performance in the shortest possible time

Advertisment on FB, Instagram, YouTube..

How can I help you with all of that?

Creation of quality advertisements on social networks

I will create a complete marketing strategy tailored to your business

Work with FB or Instagram pages

Creation and publication of articles, advertising messages, cooperation with fans and followers...

Pixel, page, catalog, account settings for advertising

Everything you need to start a successful online promotion

Administration and work with user circles, custom audience

Let's build your brand and business together on all social networks
Company profile on Facebook or Instagram

Increase fans, followers...

Do you have a successful social media page, but do you want to increase the number of quality audiences or followers?
targeted advertising to your customers

Let's reach out to users who will be interested in your services or products

I will prepare a complete tailor-made proposal for you - for small and large companies, from banners to texts and complete settings
management of groups, circles of users

Collaboration with you clients and users

Active work and reaching out to your clients is the basis for the overall development of your project

Keep your social media profiles always active

Be up-to-date, interesting and always one step ahead of your competition

I'll find your new costumers on social networks

With high-quality and well-targeted advertising, we can literally do online miracles...

Turn new customers into loyal and returning customers

Don't let your client squint at the competition
Remarketing kampaní na sociálních sítí

Do you want to create an effective advertisement on social networks?

Let me look at it