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  • Building a functioning promotion on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media network websites. I secure a creation of new campaigns or a revision of the existing ones within 5 days of assignment.

  • Helping create a profile in social media including the graphics and all necessary setting.

  • Expanding a base of relevant audiences and support sharing and liking your posts.

  • Setting up the Facebook Pixel, create a product catalogue, user network, events, etc.


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Why entrust me with your social media promotions?

  • The most of my fees can be based on results of my work
  • 16 years of experience in online marketing

  • 100% transparency, flexibility and communicativeness

  • Real references from small and large companies

How are cooperation and payment for my services?

You pay by results

My fee is based on set or achieved goals or a profit the promotion has generated under my administration.

Monthly fee

We mutually agree on a monthly fee and costs, for which I administer and optimize your campaigns.

Individual solution

Combination of all above or other options – based on results, monthly fee, payment for specific tasks or by hourly rate.

What will the promotion in the social media bring to you?

Whether you wish to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, or boost your promotion on YouTube or LinkedIn, I will help you build a comprehensive strategy to reach potential customers or clients in these networks in the most effective way.

What were the results of my latest Facebook campaign?

Increase of revenue
Increase of audience
Increase of sharing


Many people ride the wave of Instagram popularity now. Catch the wave, too.


Be seen in videos that your customers and clients watch.


You cannot miss out on a promotion on the largest social website.


Address companies, individuals, institution and selected profiles purposely.

I will kick-start your successful promotion in these social networks:

Facebook advertising is the most important part of social networking. Within Facebook, we can target users based on their interests, audiences of Facebook pages, users who have or have not taken any action on your web, etc.

  • I will ensure everything, by starting with creating a Facebook page, FB pixel setting, catalogue, events and eventually also a campaign itself.
  • I will completely integrate Facebook into your website and interconnect it with other marketing channels.

Do you wish to have a video ad that can be viewed by your potential customers or clients? The benchmark among web servers sharing videos is, of course, the YouTube. Here I can prepare a video clip, banner and text ads. A part of ad administration on YouTube is:

  • Creation of a YouTube account, banners and ads.
  • Linking YouTube to AdWords, Google Analytics, and other tools.

Promotion on Instagram seems to be a great addition to Facebook. You can reach customers or clients by using videos, carousel (rotating ads), and by using Instagram Stories. It is very suitable for presenting new products, fashion, tours and IT technology. Less so for technological, automotive or industrial businesses.

  • Creating and managing Instagram campaigns.
  • Help with creating an account, linking it to Facebook and websites.

LinkedIn advertising differs from the other social networks mentioned here by targeting users according to categories of companies, professions or companies. It is so with help of 3 channels – newsfeed, sponsored posts, or LinkedIn inbox. I can arrange for you:

  • LinkedIn account creation, advertising administration.
  • Creation of marketing strategy and its complex setting.

How do we proceed before the start of the promotion?

I create a brand new promotion on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, or revise your current social media promotion in order to boost it.

I want a new promotion

Are you at the very beginning and you wishing to start a targeted online promotion to help sell your product or service? Do you want to be seen in social networks and reach your target customers and clients? Start right now!

  • Do you not have a social network profile? I do not mind, I can create it within 24 hours of the assignment.

  • Creation of advertising texts, carousels, banners, videos, catalogue of goods – everything that will help you sell your product or service.

  • Setting up events, important pixels, measurement codes, etc.

  • Linking social network websites to your website.

New promotions are usually finished within 5 days of the assignment. After your check and corrections, it can start immediately. My team and I are working on revision and optimizing the advertising on a daily basis, moving your project up in the shortest possible time.


I want to review my running promotion

Your promotion and advertising are running, but are you not satisfied with their performance, efficiency and overall benefit? In this case, I will review all settings, targeting, current strategy, analyze your users’ behavior and other data – and I will suggest a change for the better.

  • Just share your accounts with me (I will be happy to help).

  • I suggest changes that will help streamline and increase ad performance on social media networks.

  • By early revision, you save time, money and effort caused by poor-quality promotions.

Marketing on social network websites is very specific. In many ways, it is different from traditional PPC advertising. You can lose lot of money on daily basis with poor quality settings. With timely revisions, you can change everything!


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